How To Use - Calling Card


Smartphone - Tablet Windows PC Calling Card


The Best To Call Telecommunication Services can also be used without a Smartphone or a computer, just with our CallingCards.


Step 1: Buy a Callingcard   Step 2: Call the Local-Access Number   Step 3: Start calling!



To start placing calls with Best To Call, without a Smartphone or a computer, you have to buy a CallingCard. When you make your first order, a new customer account will be created and our support team will safeguard your personal information and your payment details. Once your account is ready, you will be able to buy and use Best To Call CallingCards.  

To use the CallingCard, your need to call one of our local access numbers and follow the instructions (english)

  You will be asked to enter the card pin number and press the # button. If you enter the correct code you will be able to call the person you want. Just dial the number in international format (00 followed by the country code and number) and press the # button.