How To Use


Smartphone - Tablet Windows PC Calling Card


Step 1: Buy Credit   Step 2: Install and Login   Step 3: Start calling!



To start calling with "Best To Call" you have to buy some credit. When you make your first order, a new customer account will be created and our support team will safeguard your personal information and your payment details. Once your account is ready, you will be able to recharge your "Best To Call" balance instantly.  

After you download and install the proper "YourDialer" App for your operating system simply login with your login credentials.

Do not forget the * after your Username! Otherwise you will not be able to login!
Login: username*best-call
Password: *******
  When you successfully complete the first two steps you will be able to start calling using the "YourDialer" App on your Smartphone/Tablet until your credit is used up.

The "YourDialer" App shows your real time credit balance. If your credit is low, you can easily add credit to your account.